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Dien Chan - Multireflexology Learn self-treatment with the natural and fast face reflexology method

Known as face reflexology, Dien Chan is a very effective therapeutic technique discovered by Pr. Bùi Quốc Châu in 1980 in Vietnam. Based on a map of fix points and several reflexology sketches, Dien Chan is considered as a multireflexology method.
The art of combining sketches, fixed points as well as many stimulating techniques where little tools are used, gives Dien Chan a very powerful and fast way to solve many common disorders.
Everybody can study and use Dien Chan for self-treatment and easily relieve family and friends' pains; the perfect way to stop the abuse of medication.

Dien Chan also offers the professional working with complementary therapies a broad and effective way to add value to existing skills.
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Dien Chan.

Yin-yang body sketch on the face

This Dien Chan sketch shows two ways on how to project the body on the face. The red man is the yang body and the blue woman is the yin body. We stimulate both with multireflexological tools to relieve structural pains.

For back pain for instance, using the most pleasant side, roll tool nº206 on your nose for 2 minutes.

Then, check for pain and continue rolling once more if relief has been felt.

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Reflection of organs on the face

This sketch shows where to work to rebalance vital organs that are often involved in many disorders. As in our body, all organs are projected in a logical manner on the face, it is easy remember the location.

For example the liver is on the right side of the face, next to the nose and the stomach is on the left.

To treat digestive disorders, we apply a smooth massage on the left side of the nose with our fingers or a little yang ball like tool nº307. For constipation, massage around the mouth following the large intestine drawn in white on the sketch.

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Reflection of the reproductive system

In this sketch, the eyes are the reflection of the ovaries, the nose of the uterus and the mouth of the vagina. Used to treat many female disorders, it is a very powerful routine.

For hormonal diseases or fertility problems, using fingers, rub in a circle around the eyes until the area warms up. Do this every morning 30 times.

For blockages in the Fallopian tubes, use the little hammer every day for 2 minutes on the most painful points above the eyebrows.

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Map of fix points on the face

We talk about multi-reflexology because Dien Chan combines multiple projections of the body on the face together with the map of fixed points discovered by Pr. Bùi Quốc Châu.

This combination gives the practitioner numerous protocols to work with thus personalizing treatments for each patient.

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Treatment for anxiety

A very effective Dien Chan treatment for all stress disorders consists in gently stimulating the relevant points with the little hammer nº128.

BQCpoints 124 & 34 have been discovered by Pr. Châu whilst treating drug addicts just after the Vietnam War; those points have an amazing relaxing effect on the brain. Combining these with point 103, in the centre of the forehead, we strengthen the mind. BQCpoint 300+ powers vital energy whilst point 37 (the spleen) deals with anxiety, according to Chinese medicine.

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Natural fat burner

Working BQCpoints 233, 41 and 50 stimulate the liver, which detoxes the blood and burns fat.

Point 37 is related to the spleen and point 39 to the stomach, both regulate digestion for a better absorption of food.

We then stimulate the point 38, related to the large intestine, to improve elimination The points 7 and 113 reflect the pancreas, help digestion and stimulate the endocrine system.

Using a yang ball, roll on the zones to stimulate them. Repeat twice a day with detector nº101.

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Get rid of lumbago!

Detect the relevant points and choose the most painful ones.

The two points 45 on the nose correspond to the kidney zone of the yang body on the face (red man) and can be very painful in case of back pain, rolling the zone with a little tool will be more bearable.

Also stimulate BQCpoint 87, a reflection of the bladder, as it unblocks the energy running on the bladder meridian that follows the spine.

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Calm and cure sciatic

All the BQCpoints of this formula are very effective to treat all painful tensions found in the hip down to the foot. Roll along the nose and the centre of the forehead to settle the pain.

To apply the protocol, detect the points with tool nº101 and stimulate them for 30 seconds each. Test and stop once there is pain relief and an increase in movement.

Use this treatment each time the pain comes back and little by little the area will relax completely thus avoiding medication that could damage the stomach.

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Relieve menstrual back pain

To simultaneously work on menstrual and back pain, use BQCpoint 1 to unblock both the energetic circulation in the back (red man on the yin-yang body on the face) and the female reproductive system (uterus in the reproductive sketch).

BQCpoint 37 represents the spleen that feeds blood. BQCpoint 300+, on the right side only, stimulates vital energy and gives more strength to the back whilst point 127 warms the abdomen.

Then stimulate BQCpoint 156 that is a powerful muscle relaxant.

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Cholesterol solutions

Not all points have to be painful; this protocol is a generic proposal that helps to find the most appropriate treatment.

When not familiar with point detection, roll over the zones.

BQCpoints 50 and 41 are on the liver reflection and stimulate the hepatic system to detox and reduce fat in the blood.

BQCpoint 38 represents the large intestine that needs to be regulated for better digestion.

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Chan'beauté, therapeutic beauty

Unleash your natural outer beauty by balancing the inner with Chan'beauté.

The face is the reflection of our soul and inner balance. The study of Dien Chan allows to find the root of the problem by activating and rebalancing vital organs as well as stimulating the flow of energy to obtain deep and long-lasting results.

It is important to understand and study the main Dien Chan sketches to be able to combine the tools for correct stimulation.
Wrinkles can be reduced, spots and marks erased and cellulite can be treated.

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Mini double yang ball nº307

To activate the microcirculation of the treated zone, roll for approximately 4 minutes with gentle movements so the skin is not hurt.

The reflexological stimulation is made with long and light gestures thanks to two small balls, which adapt themselves perfectly to the outlines of the face and to the smaller zones.

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Mini comb & yin cylinder nº219

When presented with a chronic disorder, stimulate the relevant zone with the mini rake for 3 minutes. Use it 50 times, twice a day.

With the copper cylinder, roll slowly and lightly on the zone to refresh the skin. Do this for approximately 4 minutes. The yin effect is necessary to treat many disorders that produce heat and tension.

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Point detector, smooth sphere nº101

The smooth sphere gently massages the zones and relaxes local tensions in the face.

In case of extreme sensitivity to the detector, the treatment begins with the smooth sphere by drawing small circles around the reflex point.

It is important to learn to use the detector properly before stimulating precise points.

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Little yin-yang hammer nº128

The small hammer stimulates zones and fixed points in the same way as the detector. The percussion effect stimulates the skin deeply without hurting it.

With the yin side, with the nails, hammer the zone softly for 3 minutes. With the yang side, with the rubber, hit the zones or the reflex points with light gestures for 2 minutes.

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Big double yang ball nº410

This yang tool stimulates the microcirculation of the blood and the lymphatic system and encourages lubrication of the joints. It shapes large areas of the body.

If the sensation is unpleasant, do not hesitate to roll over a thin cloth.

It increases energy and is recommended for patients who are very debilitated after an operation.

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Yin relaxing raker nº416

Great ally of all nervous disorders, the yin raker is calming and rapidly prepares the skin to receive the facial treatment.

Its rebalancing effect relaxes the brain and lifts a depressive state.

The practitioner will use it at the start of a treatment to calm a nervous patient and to be able to start a dialog to help diagnosis.

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Buying multireflexological tools

You can buy tools from our catalogue and obtain more details about them.

Since 2001 we send parcels across the world supplying a tracking number.

Do not hesitate to email us if you need advice or more information: contact@multireflexology.com

We can also be contacted by phone in Spain:
+34 933 589 384

we speak english, french, catalan and spanish.

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Hand crafted with natural materials

We use natural horn for all the parts that are in contact with the skin, as it has antiseptic properties. No animal has been mistreated and we collect horns from farms that are using cattle in agriculture.

Some handles are made of wood and metal parts of stainless steel or brass.

Our factory is only employing adults and all tools are crafted with a lot of care.

Multireflex tools last a lifetime and are not expensive compared to facial creams or other health supplements that can tire the liver and kidneys.

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Study Dien Chan on iPad

The only complete iBook about Dien Chan, the original face reflexology method by Pr. Dr. Bùi Quốc Châu, is now available in the interactive format on the iPad.

The best way to study the theory of face reflexology is by using all colour maps and the complete map of fixed points. The book contains many treatment protocols and descriptions on how to use the tools.

Feel free to download a free sample from your iTunes, clicking on the image of the book on this page.

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The incredible therapeutic calculator

FACEASiT is not a pathology catalogue but an incredible Dien Chan digital tool. Like Dien Chan, it is complex but not complicated. A free version is available on the iTuneStore to start understanding face reflexology, offering much advice and many solutions.

First: locate the anatomical zone that is affected.

Second: choose the symptom related to the anatomy chosen.

Third: follow the map of the face and the advice for the best tool to use.

Get your free version now!

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Certificated courses of Dien Chan

Organized as an international school, the team of certified teachers is respectful of the origins of the method without simplifying it. We strongly believe that information is not the power, but the talent of using and teaching it is.

If you are interested in organising a course of Dien Chan, contact
Patryck Aguilar.
President of the International School of Multireflexology - Dien Chan:


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